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Palliser Airshed Society


To achieve recognized credible data‚ the Palliser Board will manage and design the air monitoring program in consideration of: public input‚ industrial influences and air modeling results. The design of this Airshed will gather credible data to address the issues most important to the stakeholder membership.

The Association will provide the structure to ensure long-term financial stability of the Airshed. PAS will also provide a forum for open discussion and coordination of all the issues facing the Airshed to allow for effective implementation of the goals and objectives of PAS.

PAS is mandated to develop a communications plan. The plan will be designed to improve the public’s awareness of the air quality issues facing the region‚ enhance the public’s understanding of PAS and develop a platform for the public to openly share their opinions and concerns regarding air quality.

The Association will manage the concerns of the stakeholders‚ as well‚ be an advocate for the protection of the environment through sound management.



Palliser Airshed Society